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How to Tolerate Irritating Skin Care Products

Jonathan Huynh

The most common irritating skin care products are acne medication and anti-aging medication. The chemicals in those products consist of topical retinoids, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. These chemicals are known to cause irritation to the skin when patients initially use them. Also, some acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid will cause similar symptoms. When you bring this problem up to a dermatologist, most of them will tell you to the same thing, so we went ahead and combined everything that they say into one: Start by using a small amount or follow the directions provided on the box. ...

Tips to keep your skin healthy while traveling

Jonathan Huynh

If you're going on vacation, remember that your skin is being exposed to a very stressful environment. Your skin will be introduced to a new climate where your skin is not used to and will have problems that you have to deal with.  The first challenge your skin will have to overcome starts on the airplane. The humidity on the plane is very low and it is usually below 20% which will cause your skin to get irritated and dry. You should moisturize your skin before you enter the plane and avoid using products that will dry out your skin...

Dieting for Health Skin

Jonathan Huynh

Do you want healthy skin? Have your been looking all over the internet to find out? Well here it is. We are going to show you the basics you need to know to have beautiful, healthy skin.  Before you look for products for you skin, you must feed your body the right foods in order to get the best skin. Some foods that you want to consume are:  Avocados Bell Peppers Broccoli  Cucumbers Dark Chocolate Eggs These are just some options of foods that are good for your skin, but the types of foods that you want to be consuming...

The Rise of Asian Skincare

Cindy Mam

Tags acne, blackhead, charcoal mask, deep cleaning, mask, moisturizer, skincare

The rise of Asian skincare has been growing so fast in the States, especially Korean skincare and beauty trends have flooded Western culture. According to research, in 2017 South Korean beauty industry was estimated to be worth over $13 billion US dollars. So why so popular? One reason is that these companies are highly innovative when it comes to beauty and as a result, we see females with glowy, looking skin. So Skincare is not just a routine, but more like a process. Here in the States, you typically do 3-4 routine (cleanse, rinse, moisturize) whereas Korean Skincare there is...

Personalizing Skincare Is More Valuable Than You Think

Cindy Mam

Tags skin, skincare

Many skincare companies are creating quizzes to help understand a person's skin better. Personalized skincare is getting so much attention because it really caters to one's skin tone. Take Curology for example, this skincare brand is taking skincare product to another level where they have doctors and experts that can email you instruction, provide you guidelines, and give you acne advice. And get this? This consultation is all done at the palm of your hands. Also, everyone have different skin types so it's hard to classified people in the basic categories: dry, sensitive, and oily skin. Because of technology, we're able...