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Are chemicals in beauty products making us ill?

Anyone who has ever glanced at a lotion or shampoo bottle has probably noticed a mystifying array of multi-syllabic chemicals. We assume they’re safe enough to put on our bodies – but how much do we really know about the products we apply on each day? The US cosmetics and personal care industry – everything from makeup to shampoo, lotion and sunscreen – is largely self-regulated. Since it first came under FDA purview in the 1930s, the industry has had only nine chemicals banned from use. More than 12,000 chemicals are approved for use today. American women use an average...

A Dermatologist's Skin Care Recommendations

Jonathan Huynh

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Anyone who has walked the skin-care aisles of a drug store knows just how overwhelming it can be to find a regimen that works for you. When patients ask what to buy, the answer is simple: I only recommend products that have scientific studies that support their use and have proven benefits. A Dermatologist's Morning Skin Care Routine The first thing to do after waking up is cleanse the skin with a gentle foaming facial cleanser. Look for products that are free and clear, which means they don't contain any allergens and won't strip the skin of its natural oils....

How CBD Can Help in Your Skincare Routine

CBD, or Cannabidiol has become legal in all 50 states and in many other countries, the possibilities for this product is endless. There are many products already that have CBD as its primary ingredient.  So what is CBD? CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is known for its many functions such as reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, and many other problems. How does CBD help your skin? To start, research has found that CBD can help with preventing skin aging. The aging of the skin can occur to a variety of reasons such as eating and...

The Rise of Asian Skincare

Cindy Mam

Tags acne, blackhead, charcoal mask, deep cleaning, mask, moisturizer, skincare

The rise of Asian skincare has been growing so fast in the States, especially Korean skincare and beauty trends have flooded Western culture. According to research, in 2017 South Korean beauty industry was estimated to be worth over $13 billion US dollars. So why so popular? One reason is that these companies are highly innovative when it comes to beauty and as a result, we see females with glowy, looking skin. So Skincare is not just a routine, but more like a process. Here in the States, you typically do 3-4 routine (cleanse, rinse, moisturize) whereas Korean Skincare there is...

Personalizing Skincare Is More Valuable Than You Think

Cindy Mam

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Many skincare companies are creating quizzes to help understand a person's skin better. Personalized skincare is getting so much attention because it really caters to one's skin tone. Take Curology for example, this skincare brand is taking skincare product to another level where they have doctors and experts that can email you instruction, provide you guidelines, and give you acne advice. And get this? This consultation is all done at the palm of your hands. Also, everyone have different skin types so it's hard to classified people in the basic categories: dry, sensitive, and oily skin. Because of technology, we're able...