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Grab Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Cindy Mam

Tags deep cleaning, skincare, vitamin d

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a group of fat soluble steroids which aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphate by the intestine. Aging is a factor to us growing older and it gets tough producing Vitamin D.  Vitamin D can be incorporate to our daily routine. We all know that you can get Vitamin D through your body with the proper sun exposure, because unprotected sun exposure damages your skin. But where else can you get vitamin D besides the sun? You can get vitamin D through foods such as milk and orange juice, and eat fish that...

Self Care Is Very Important

Besides having an amazing skincare routine, it's very important to understand that taking care of yourself can help improve your health in so many ways. Self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional, and mental state, especially when you are overworked and burnt out. Here are some great tips for anyone who needs to reflect on themselves: 1) Stress Management - Organize your work and life out of work separately. Take time out for yourself when you're feeling stress. They say the best way is to meditate or take a quick power nap. 2) Eating Right -  Self care is not just...

The Benefits Of Using A Charcoal Mask

Cindy Mam

Tags acne, blackhead, charcoal mask, deep cleaning, mask, skincare

You should consider putting a charcoal mask into your daily routine. Due to its health and skin benefits, you do not want to miss this opportunity. So why a charcoal mask?It helps remove build up and impurities. This includes dirt, oil, and pollution build up that makes your skin look very dull. A charcoal mask will provide a clean and smooth skin as a result. Charcoal mask can also help brighten and exfoliating your skin. Because of it's coarse texture, this helps eliminate dead skin easier. So how do you use a charcoal mask?  Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly. Use...

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